Hi, I'm Kristian Windsor.

I create web applications.

My portfolio

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A citation generator to help students create bibliographies.


Pinger Inc. is a tech company located in San Jose

Pinger (2017 - Now)

Software Engineer

July 2017 - Present

Working under the web team, I am leading the automation project (Selenium UI tests with Gherkin syntax) and the build pipeline (Jenkins Pipeline, Git Workflow) in an effort to reach true CI/CD.

Pinger Inc. is a tech company located in San Jose

Pinger (2016)

Software Engineer Intern

July 2016 - Nov. 2016

I helped in maintaining and improving the company's web applications, Textfree and Sideline, using AngularJS.


DevOps Engineer

I learned Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and Jenkins in order to orchestrate my websites that are ever-increasing in number and complexity. A completed automated pipeline has enabled me to increase productivity by spending all my time developing new features, instead of dealing with deployment and environment issues.

At Pinger, I assisted in migrating multiple engineering teams' develop environments (Jenkins, QA server, etc.) to Kuberenetes, including the Web, Backend, and Android teams.

Fullstack Web Developer

I've been making websites as hobby for 7 years now. Before being hired under the web team at Pinger, I worked as a freelance web developer.

I've primary worked with HTML/CSS, Javascript/Jquery, Python/Flask/Django, PHP, and MySQL.

About me

I really enjoy the process of imagining an idea and turning it into a reality, especially when it comes to web applications.

When I'm not programming, my free time is spent riding my bike around town, going on hikes, and hobbying in photography.

In the future, I plan on running my own technology oriented business.

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