Hi, I'm Kristian Windsor.

I create web applications.

My portfolio



A citation generator to help students create bibliographies.

Password Generator


An original design of a password generator.


Pinger Inc. is a tech company located in San Jose


Software Engineer Intern

July 2017 - Present

I am redesigning the build system and CI process for the web team and leading the web automation project. I'm using Jenkins, Shell, Bash, Node.js, Angular, Selenium, WebdriverIO, cucumber-js, Gherkin, among other languages and technologies.

Pinger Inc. is a tech company located in San Jose


Software Engineer Intern

July 2016 - Nov. 2016

I helped in maintaining and improving the company's web applications, Textfree and Sideline, using AngularJS.

About me

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I discovered a passion for programming at age 13 when I started creating platform games with GameMaker. I won the National STEM Challenge in my division after submitting one of the games that I created. As a result of winning the challenge, I was flown out to Washington D.C. to recieve an award from the sponsors in person, among which was Bill Gates!

I quickly grew out of GameMaker and started learning C#, creating simple applications that I could use for myself.

Frustrated that I couldn't use my C#-based apps on the school-provided iPads or library computers, I moved into web development at age 15. Using Javascript and Jquery for the frontend, and PHP and MySQL for the backend, enabled me to create applications with no limitations.

One month after graduating high school, I got an internship as a Software Engineer at Pinger Inc. On this job I learned about proper coding workflows and processes. Two and a half years later, I am still working at Pinger, playing a vital role in the web team.

My technological journey is only just getting started. If you would like to be part of my next adventure, please shoot me a text or an email!

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